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Dog walker, Dog Walking, Dog Boarding



Sergio - Managing Director

Sergio is sure to give all our guests a warm welcome.  A six year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is known for being affectionate, cuddly and very patient with the youngest member of the team - Lola.


Lola - Head of Entertainment

Lola is a Cavapoo and just a few months old.  She is naturally full of energy and perfectly suited to her role as head of entertainment as all she wants to do is play and run around.  She likes to make a lot of noise when she first meets our customers but once she has settled down and sussed them out she is a friend for life.


Keith - Dogsbody

Keith is an important member of the team and answers to both Sergio and Lola.  His roles include dog walker, driver, chef, cleaner, supervisor and entertainment coordinator.  He loves working (playing) with dogs and has given up a 20 year career to concentrate on doing something he loves.



We primarily offer dog walking services throughout the Wyre and surrounding areas. It's difficult balancing everything life throws at us these days so we are here to help.  We make sure that your best friend is given the attention it needs at times when you are unable.  It is vital that dogs receive regular excercise and contact with other dogs to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.  We are DBS checked and certified to give you peace of mind and all of our customers keys and details are kept secure in our on site safe if you are not home to give us access to your property.   We can undertake individual as well as group walks and all dogs are given a free familiarisation walk before any dog walking assignments are accepted.  We offer a flexible service and do not charge a fee for short notice cancellations.  We also offer flexible payment options and can invoice you weekly, fortnightly or monthly and you can pay by cash or bank transfer,  whichever is easiest for you.



We offer a full 4 star licensed luxury home boarding service.   Our Home Boarding service is for real dog lovers who couldn't bare to leave their dogs in traditional kennels or boarding.  We only ever take two dogs at a time to ensure they are given all the love and attention they need.  Your dog will be treated as one of our own and given lots of love and attention in a warm and comfortable dog loving family home.  We have a large and secure garden for your dog to run around freely and they will get at least 1 lengthy walk (providing they are up to it) daily in addition to plenty of play time throughout the day.  They have a dedicated room where they can relax but once familiarised they have access to everywhere our own dogs do and can roam and play freely around the hotel. 



I love puppies so we do have space for puppy visits throughout the day.   I can visit your home to spend some time with your new puppy whilst you are at work.  I can also visit to feed and spend time with your pets if you are away for longer than normal or on a short break. 

I also have hands on experience with lots of other different animals so can visit your home throughout the day to take care of your other pets if you are away for a few days.  Whether it's your fish that need feeding, a cats litter tray emptying and feeding, rabbits cleaning out we can do all that as well as take care of more exotic creatures.  

All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations and flea/Tick & Worm Treatments. Vaccinations must be taken at least two weeks prior to the visit

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